First of all, my name is Robert, and I want to welcome you if you are a new visitor to this site and welcome you back if you are returning to us.

As always, the purpose of this blog is to provide information and education about possible disasters and to discuss and honestly review the variety of tools and resources that are available to help us prepare for them. I may also occasionally vent about the various issues, concerns, and misconceptions that preppers deal with on a daily basis.

Though I will be providing you with links, whenever possible, to other sites that sell whichever product is being reviewed, I will not be getting paid for giving good reviews. Therefore, all reviews that you read on this site are my sincere and honest opinions of the product and are based solely on my research and my personal experiences with each product. If I believe the product is a valuable must-have item for your prepper checklist, I will say so. If I think the product is an overpriced piece of junk that should be avoided at all costs, I will say that too. Either way, I will try to provide a link to each product so that you can check the item out and decide for yourself whether or not to purchase it.

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