A Short Rant

Sorry to use this post to rant, but I just had to vent about an online conversation I had recently. I was in a forum thread in an online community that I belong to that has nothing to do with prepping when I had an interaction with someone who really pissed me off. He had asked me what my website was about. When I answered that it was about prepping for disasters and reviewing prepping gear and training, he apparently felt compelled to inform me of his completely uneducated opinion of preppers. What he said was “as a devout Christian, I think preppers are extremely selfish, no offense”. Seriously? No offense? I was baffled. I’ve definitely heard before that we are crazy, delusional, or paranoid, all of which I take offense to, but I’ve never heard selfish.

In what world could providing for the safety and well being of yourself and your loved ones in the event of a disaster qualify as selfishness. I asked him that question, and he responded that “being prepared is selfish and unfair to the people who aren’t prepared.” Could he really be clueless enough to believe that it would be better for no one to be prepared when an emergency strikes? That way we could all go without adequate food or shelter.

I asked him if he had personally ever met or at least spoken to an actual prepper. He replied that he had only ever briefly spoken to one. How is it possible that any person who considers himself even somewhat intelligent can pass judgment on the character of an entire group of people after meeting a single member of that group? He had no answer to that question. He really didn’t seem to like my next statement. I said “that would be like me concluding that all devout Christians must be irrational, self righteous, and closed minded based only on my one conversation with you, no offense”. That promptly ended our brief online conversation.

Was I a little bit hard on him? Maybe. I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether or not I agree with it, but I also believe that anyone who has an opinion on something should be able to come up with at least one rational reason to back up their opinion.

OK, I’m done venting now. Thanks for listening.

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